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The land of Argeia has a fading king.  He rules over the four tribes of the midlands and the colonies of the new world.

Through hook or by crook, luck, or determination each adventurer was lucky enough to be selected to recieve a parcel of land in the small colonial town of New Minoc as part of the King's Homestead Degree.

The adventure starts at the beginning of the Prevernal season as the adventurers leave Port Hiberia and take off for the New World.

The following background items are available:


  • Family member died of Brain Fluke (See compendium) Associated Skill: Heal
  • Ritual book stolen
  • Eldest of many brothers
  • Unknown father (Bastard)
  • Studied at Chaswh di wer Arcana in Avandia. Associated Language: Draconic
  • Fought in the 12th Argeian legion during the War of Unification


Home Page

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