The New World

The new world is separated from the old world by "the Great Ocean".

The Pekeck Mountains

Goliath tribes spot the Pekeck mountains.  With the exception of two mining settlements around the base of this moutain range Goliaths are the only known humanoids to dwell there.

The Old World (The Midlands)

The Kingdom of Argeia

The City of Avandia

The known worlds only true metropolis.  The temple of Pelor in Avandia contains a permanent teleporation portal whose sigils are freely known.

The city is surrounded by miles of lush farm land.

The City of Riverward

The temple of Pelor in Riverward contains a permanent teleporation portal whose sigils are freely known.

The North Country

The Ziggurat of Pascal is located within the north country.  The northern country is dotted with ruined cities.

The Northwest Islands

A large mountainous island chain full of caves of dwarvish settlements.

The Dwarf Kingdom of Húsvarg

Great seafairers 


The Sehanine Mountains

The Northeast Woodlands

The northeast woodlands is seperated from the eastern woodlands by the Sehanine Moutain Range.  The Sehanine Moutains is the source of The Great River.

The Elf Tribe of Mórbain

The Eastern Woodlands

The Eladrin City of Shanara can be found here.  It is the only known Eladrin City.

A wide variety of strange creatures call the eastern woodlands their home. Nearly all Gnomes and Shiftes originate from the Eastern Woodlands.

The Great River

This river starts in the Sehanine Moutains flows through the Midlands and cuts the Southern Plains in half.  It drains into the Gulf of Haulda to the east of the Deserts of the Southwest.

The Great River is the home of many nomadic halfling tribes.


The Hills of the Westlands

The hills of the westland are separated from the midlands by patches of marshes.

The northern region of the hills is known to be home to goblins, orcs, gnolls, and kobolds.  In the south their is the regions main city; a port settlement known as Port Hiberia.

Port Hiberia

The temple of Melora is especially visited here.  Many half-orcs live here.

The Southern Plains

The Kingdom of Ragna

Home of the horse people.  This Kingdom encompases the western half of the Southern Plains.

The Deserts of the Southwest


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